Thursday 16 June 2016

Rock n roll dishpit

Day two of the Fortnight festival snuck up on me at 9am. Today we served latkes with side mixed greens and sour cream. And from six to nine we served chickpea masala and potato curry with rice and naan bread. Special guest chef and all. As the heat rolled in, new friends rolled west, and we made up new freestyle games and baked Rhubarb Oat and Apple muffins. Hangovers are hard, but festival life provides. I refused to let Johnny De buy produce from Walmart, and he brought me back RJs potatoes, which became potato pancakes and curry as the sun beat down.

Johnny from Painted Fruit has been under the weather for a couple days, and their gig in Thunder Bay may be cancelled. But touring bands don't have time to get waylaid or woebegotten. Yesterday's junket was something inspirational, de Courcey is the real deal, and Painted Fruit owe Pat a crop top;-) We're listening to the tapes now. Blessed played with Shoust last month at the American, and I like the glammy grunge and proggy punk rock coming from the west coast these days.

And so in Mikey's basement suite and into the wee hours we did (somewhat) quietly jam with local rappers Kowgli and Osiris. Compliment battles allow us to channel the energy and wit of hip hop into something less aggressive, more transgressive, and just plain more fun. We got our Soo Jersey on. Shout out to anybody who doesn't like crowds. Anxiety keeps us apart, but it also brings us together. Hence the sketchy punk rock environs.

Our west coast friends enjoyed the hospitality of our dank apartment, traded freestyles, foods and libations, and told tales of superhuman vision, Victorian decadence, and positive manifestation. The children of the nineties are coming into their big kid dreams. What comes after a baby boom? Chosen family and sister cults. It was pretty sweet to run junket with Johnny, drop rhymes with the festival crew, and sing Bowie/Reed's Satellite of Love as a duet with Mr de Courcey, which I'm told was enjoyable. 

Tonight is a special night. Tempestuous. Laundry Rock has birthed. Five dish ninjas. Dad salad. We've got a new junket coming in tonight from st Catharine's Canary Love Collective. Rae Spoon, HUSH PUP, Rihkee Strapp, and Hearts Right In are playing at the laundromat. Doors at 7, 15$ at the door, 25$ festival pass gets you into almost two weeks of shows, a fortnight, say, I tarry, yay, come fly away, to a place where the ditch goes underground. Summer is here, Gore Street is ours, and there's a bunch of bands coming to your town;-)

Here's a simple curried sweet potato soup that the Painted Fruit boys enjoyed underneath the festival tent

3-4 lbs peeled sweet potato
One medium onion
Four cloves minced garlic
White pepper
Garam masala
Curry powder
Salt and pepper to taste
Lemon to.finish

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