Friday 3 June 2016

Leash Kids make their debut, etc

At BGP tapes, we're getting very excited about our upcoming releases and musical projects. Here's a rundown of what's on tap(e), and how you can stay tuned to the most tastefully irreverant garbage going down in the Soo this summer.

Mescaline Ditch have finished recording their belated Drone Day side, and will be releasing it this summer, paired with unreleased minimalist productions by the unfamous Sam Mdwara Decter.

Telephone and Address has agreed to have his latest album, Are you or have you Ever Been, released by BGP tapes, and we are so excited. But whatever will that B side be?

Leash Kids, who are playing their first show at Redneck's this Saturday

have also got something in the can all ready to plop on your stoop. And it will be paired with:

Straight B-sydes, the first collection of original tracks by hip hop artists JPK and Osiris, hitting  streets, sidewalks, and parking lots this summer.

And once Toronto's Valued Customer has dropped the Byugecup, left hook to the right jab that Ugggy's mixtape Legends of the Smoke just hit me with, we're gonna chew up their back catalogue and spit it back out just for giggles.

Roof Dogs, Face Medleys, Soogaze, DJ Miley, political songs about traffic lights and public art, Space Jams with Michael/Jordan, something mega normal like Morgan does, lots more underground and highly concious hip hop and spoken word, synth jams and soundscapes, all laid down on magnetic tape and wrapped up in biohazard bag.

But despite all this manic summer buzz, BGP tapes makes no claims to have the market cornered on cool music in the Soo. Because we know that there's only one person who can say that, and it's YOU

YOU are any age and interested in live music downtown. We have dozens of all ages shows planned this summer at the café, check us out on fb and insta @gorestreetcafe

YOU are an independent or emerging artist looking for help recording, releasing, booking and promoting YOUR music. Please contact us ( about playing shows, merch, releases, and recording projects. Especially, but not exclusively, if the music YOU make is weird, dark, trippy, spacey, anachronistic, experimental, avant-garde, just plain odd, or chillwave. Freaks stick together.

YOU play an instrument and have originals or covers YOU want to try out in public: Tuesday's Gore Street Open Mic is where YOU want to be! Friendly bohemian vibes and pay-what-YOU-can food and beverages. All ages, all styles, no cover. Every Tuesday 6-10 pm at 164 Gore Street #openduringconstruction.

YOU are a non-musician, who loves discovering new artists and making playlists. In a perfect world, there'd be a college radio station for YOU to host a show on, but in this garbage world, all you've got is us, and we need YOU to make mixtapes and zines, share new fave tunes via handmade charms, and bring some life to the indie scene. Never oversaturated, there's always room in the underworld;-)

I would be remiss if not shouting out to some new friends who've passed through to play the café in the past week. We hosted top-notch acoustic performances and equally lovely visits from Graham Nicholas (Toronto), Logan McKillop (wpg) and the Roger twins, Madeline and Lucas, also from the peg, who have just released their first album as dynamic duo Roger Roger. It was also nice to meet Dave Giulietti, who performs as Cage Bird Free. Catch him hosting an open mic soon.

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