Sunday 5 June 2016

Mayhemingways June 22nd

Had a rough time entertaining our new friends the Smoke Eaters this weekend. They played a little garage rock set in the laundromat two nights back, on their way westward with Petey at the wheel.

Everybody knows my cousin Mischa from Surprise Party, now check out Misha, Davie and Leigh, (on vox/bass, guitar/vox and drums) next time they roll up to rock a sweaty sud-shop near you.

Our mood was too dancey for Coch's, Lops was apparently at capacity at 1am, (great turnout for My Son The Hurricane) and the band at Reggie's played their last number at 1:30. These young musicians just wanted to go out dancing on a Saturday night, but Top Hat is guarded by a robot that only accepts photo ID.

And now the news:

Our latest experiment in community arts and culture is called the Fortnight Festival, and it runs for most of the second half of June. There will be about ten live music events, community dinners, a street party,  Dj Seith's Refind dance night, a live talk show featuring local arts and culture makers: see fb and search #fortnightfestival and #openduringconstruction for more news.

The focus this summer is on increasing traffic to Gore Street during the sewage and street repairs. Come support local businesses like Toni's Cakery, Vixens Couture, Mr M's Furniture, Darcy's Clearance shop, Algoma inkjet, and IM Interested in Old Things. Food, entertainment, vintage shopping, pet care, yoga, and the only 24 hour convenience in downtown Sault. It's a happening block:-)

And now a short talk with Benj, singer/guitarist/ banjoer and pedal bassist of the Mayhemingways, who first stopped into the Gore Street Café for some brunch last summer after a gig at 180



Sam: This isn't your first time playing the Soo, or even playing on Gore Street, is it?

Benj: no, we've played here before quite a few times. Last time was at 180 projects. We've played loplops in the past as well.

Sam: is it your first laundromat gig?

Benj: (For myself) personally, I can say it's not my first time playing in a laundromat. Some friends and I played a show at the villa auto wash in peterborough, A couple years ago. It's the kind of laundromat that always seems vacant, so we didn't ask the owners. We just put up posters and played a show. And washed some clothes. There may be a video on YouTube if I can find it...
( this is that laundromat show)

Sam: What do you prefer to eat when you're on the road?

Benj: I don't know yet. For a while I tried to eat made-up salads from grocery stores. But now the thought of those things is gross.

Sam: How long have the Mayhemingways been active?

Benj: This band has been together 4 years roughly.

Sam: How far are you travelling on this tour?

Benj: We're traveling between st John's nl. And Revelstoke is as far west as we get this time

Sam: Thanks for taking the time to chat! Looking forward to seeing you play next week, it's gonna be great!

The Mayhemingways are playing next Wednesday, June 22nd at Gore Street Café, with Blue Moon Marquee.

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