Saturday 25 June 2016

Festival news and Future States

So here we are, rolling into the final round of events for this month's festival. Tomorrow afternoon a family block party BBQ is being held on Manilla avenue behind the old Princess theatre. Pay what you want burgers, sausages, and cold lemonade, games, crafts, live music and more from noon to 4pm.

So that's Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed for sunny skies. On Monday at 7 there is a quartet from Toronto (Valued Customer) playing jazzy out-there hip hop, and a quintet from Montreal (Avec le Soleil sortant de sa Bouche) playing psychedelic out-there funk vibes. Tunes will be on point and dancing is encouraged. A bargain at 5$.

So that's Monday. On Tuesday me and VuCu are gonna cook up some jams for the open mic, hosted by yours truly, after which a band called Future States will perform a pay what you want set in the laundromat.

On Wednesday the last show of the Fortnight Festival features Winnipeg jazz-math rock band Fox Who Slept the Day Away and local post-punk prophet Christopher Shoust's project Telephone and Address. 7 pm, also 5$. 

Please remember that shows at the Gore Street Café are alcohol-free and all-ages. There's a lot of talk going around about giving youth something to do downtown, and we're pleased to offer a regular, affordable option for anyone interested in getting out and checking out some independent canadian music.

Here's a little chat with Future State's Chuck Bronson about their band's current tour:

who's in this band and what do they play?

Dan Gélinas (Drums/Bells), Nick Hyatt (Synths/Vocals), Brodie Conley (Guitar/Synths/Vocals), David Lacalamita (Bass/Vocals), Chuck Bronson (Guitar/Vocals/Sampler)

is this your first time playing in the Soo?

Yes : ) 

is this your first time performing in a laundromat?

Yes : ) 

how long has this band been together?

~ 3 years

how far are you travelling on this tour?

MTL--> Gimli Manitoba = 2,346.9 km / 25h

what's been the best show so far?

That is like asking Leonardo da Vinci to pick his best painting.

what do you like to eat on the road?

McDonald's Fries

what do you listen to when you travel? 

Check out their music at

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