Wednesday 15 June 2016

Festival kickoff

The boys of Painted Fruit are out skateboarding or inside keeping up with the euro cup. In the morning they'll start mixing some new recordings made in Montreal. All afternoon they're on a promo junket, touring downtown Sault from Station Mall To Mill square, postering Albert and Gore, putting out the signal to promote business, community, and arts in this town for the next two weeks.

Festival Season is upon us.

Who knows what time it is? What day? Make more posters, need more time. Around two pm Michael Burtch honks at me from his van, pulls over and hands me a small jar of birtch syrup, sweet and precious. Hold onto a festival pass for me, he says, and drives away.

Here we go!

By three pm we are soggy, though Johnny de Courcey shows no sign of ever running out of steam. He gets lost talking to locals at the food court, and pages the junket over the intercom. He makes friends at the market and postcards for his mom. He vlogs intermittently and improvises arias, sings love songs to the Sault in the rain.

The flyers for tonight won't be ready till 430. After an accident took out a pole opposite one we'd postered less than an hour earlier, and the rain dampened a roof dog garbage run, Patrick picks us up at the mall and runs us over to the mill market to pick up supplies for Thursday's community dinner and night market.

At the market, Rihkee Strapp gives Johney, and Evan from Painted Fruit a quick look at their artwork on the market wall. We grab a slice of pizza and rip some promo. 

Come out tonight and these  fellows will play their hearts out for you. Come through in the next two weeks and well always have something going on. 

Screw June Gloom. Let the festival begin!


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