Wednesday 24 August 2016

Glass Hand Aug 26@ the Silver Dollar


College from Bathurst to Spadina is soaked in memories, mine and yours. We worked here, we drank and played. Walked north from Kensington to discover Charlie's gallery. But that's Harbord. Let's start with the Bistro 422. It's last call and you realize you've internalised several pitchers of fishbowls of sangria, beer, G n T, double V and soda. What a bonus. Its morning and that guy's still on the couch, she's obsessed. Hooked? Way back in '07 or '08, catching my first Gusto Basketcase show at Sneaky Dee's, building a cargo-cult merch table out of found books and keyboards from the backlanes.

Now, at the Cloak and Dagger, I am networking with Art's youth, towards the rejection of binary, mono and patriarchal problems. White kids get served when they drop the n bomb. Why? Shock. Uber transport and canvas artists, poets, podcast potential and the unerring urgency of College life.
Next door is El Rancho, and the discoteca El Borinquen, where we worked with Isaac, Maggie, Jess.
There's three Alexes now, can you tell which Nicole I'm referring to? Back to Charlie's. Soundwave had a workout there I can tell you, no waffling any more. The Cloak and Dagger, until tonight, was only the memory of a terrible lapse of anger and aggression, too ridiculous to be taken as a sign. 

Then there's Rancho Relaxo, site of our second date, and of the last Retro Radio show some six or seven years back. South side highlight would be the Ratio space, where the emerging avant garde secures their position and offers spellbinding music. Which brings us to Spadina and the Silver Dollar, where I personally have played guitar till I bled, bent over backwards to sip like a stripper, and danced as a slave to the Papermakers. Swoon. The prodigious pathos of Anna Mernieks. The poise and power of Katie Plant. Good times. Let's make new friends, more memories. 

This Friday, GLASS HAND performs at 10:20, Burke standard Time, rocking the Silver Dollar in support of LITTLE KID's LP release, also featuring TEARJERKER and THE INANIMATES. Will I bounce the pogo? Will I drink until incapacitation? There are all manner of meetings and greetings to be made on College. 8$

Nic Lefebvre offers some background on his current project:


Glass hand officially formed in the winter of 2015. Ryan Patterson, Nathan Gara and David Jenkins had been getting together for some time before I joined the picture. They had a written a number of songs, some of which became Glass Hand tunes, when they asked me if I'd be interested in playing with them.
I had met Ryan and Nate many moons ago, 2008, when our bands toured together. Ryan and Nate were in an amazing Ottawa banded called Videotape with the always talented Adam Saikley. They had come to see my band in Toronto called Hunt Chant and asked if we'd (Mike O'Brien, Geordie Kingsbury and myself) like to do an Ontario tour with Videotape. At this time Mike and I had been playing as Hunt Chant for over a year and just moved to Montreal from London, Ontario. It was a pretty eventful time, musically, for everyone.

Years passed, bands came and died and I was bumming around Toronto playing the occasional solo loop set under the moniker birdsacrosswater when Ryan, Nate and Dave contacted me about playing with them. I was happy to play with real humans again and get away from the loop pedal. Initially I had no desire to sing in the band, after years of fronting birdsacrosswater, but the songs where there and I heard the melodies in my head so I stepped up to the plate.
Everything started to come together pretty organically after that. We began writing together as a band and by June of 2015 we had a few songs that we felt we should record. We recorded at South River Sounds with my friend Shawn Delnick and his studio partner Mez Dilauro.

After the EP was recorded we kind of got lost in the summer and drifted for a bit. It wasn't until the winter when we started playing regularly again, and it wasn't until months later that we finally released our EP. Once the EP was out we started getting show offers which definitely lit a fire under our asses . We were lucky enough to recruit Shawn Delnick to play synth for us live. At first it was for one show but he enjoyed playing with us and committed to playing with us live. We have a few shows under our belts, the most fulfilling shows of my musical career, and are excited to play many more.

See you at the show!

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