Sunday 28 February 2016

penne with broccoli and ice cream

Whether you have small children at home, a livingroom full of musicians, or an office meeting to cater, warm their bellies with this tasty pasta on a snowy afternoon.

Penne with spinach and broccoli in a white wine broth, serves 4-6

Bring a large pot of salted (1tsp) water to a boil, add one box (450g) of rice and corn, Gluten Free pasta (or use wheat noodles if you're insensitive), cook on medium high heat for 9 mins or until noodles are just underdone. Strain, cool under cold water, toss in oil and salt your noodles.

In a large pan (I simply adore my ceramic pan. Metal core, and the ceramic layer just takes any punishment I can inflict.) Sautee one shallot, two cloves garlic, some broccoli, and salt and pepper. Basil and oregano would have been nice, but I left them at the café.

Once the onions become translucent, give your sauce a healthy shot of white wine, as well as vegetable broth. Toss in a few fistfulls of washed spinach leaves, and let things simmer awhile.

When the broth is rich and the veggies are softened to your liking, add the cooked pasta and warm it back up. Serve in small bowls, garnish with fresh ground pepper, grated hard cheeses like Grano or Romano.

The Gore Street Crew enjoyed this tasty supper with a dessert of vanilla ice cream, topped with rhubarb compote, spicy toasted squash seeds, powdered ginger and maple syrup. But not before setting up for the 48 hour Film Challenge screening! Thanks to everyone who took part and made this such a great weekend!!

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