Sunday 21 February 2016

Days of pisces, part one

Day two of the festival has wound to a delicious conclusion. Time to soak some black beans for tomorrow's menu and get some rest, because this month-long celebration has just begun!

There was a jittery excitement on Gore Street all day Saturday. I was nervous not because my band had only rehearsed for  half an hour the day before our show, but because i was going to sing Neil Young's "downtown" for Mayor Christian Provenzano, who attended the festival's opening ceremony. He was cool and really nice BTW.

The cafĂ© was filled with friends, press, and supporters, quite a lovely and auspicious start to a month of cultural celebrations. And Saturday night's show was a suitably special one, an evening dedicated to the late Kurt Cobain on his 49th birthday, as well as the first Sunshine Laundromat appearance by The Pixo Control, Tidal Records artists and by far the Sault's most exciting young rock act.

Sweat and cool kids...
A laundromat half filled with band gear, half filled with people, resounding with the sound of our joyful screams!

Opening acts Brash Gash, Insoosticide, Bass Monster 7L, and Lauren McClure wowed, wooed, and rocked the laundromat audience with a blend of original songs, Nirvana tunes, and other hip throwback grungey vibes. One of the best concerts we've ever held in the laundromat, and a sign of the weeks to come: all ages food, arts, and musical fun:-) Let the Fishbowl begin!

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