Tuesday 23 February 2016

Days of Pisces, part two

Sunday afternoon, I was a shell of a man; more pancake-flipping robot than affable community cook. My ears still rang from the Pixo/ Nirvana gig. My eyes strained in the unseasonable sunshine. We had turned the café into a blanket-fort for Sunday's brunch, which involved blocking out the windows to keep it dark enough for projecting cartoons on the wall, creating the ideal cozy, womb-like ambiance for pancake consumption, and the nostalgic rediscovery of once-loved heroes and their adventures.

Monday's festival events went swimmingly, no pun intended. Jeff Hinich's talk on Thoreau incorporated statements from international artists drawn to and inspired by Thoreau, and sparked passionate conversation amongst attendees. After serving up a couple more plates of squash fritters, it was time to prepare the café for the Lil Eagle blues band (Leon Kyle on vox, guitar, Adrienne and Joe Surace playing cahone and bass, repectively, Jeff Hinich on harmonica, and Mojo on guest lead guitar) who delivered two hours of enthusiastic boogie-woogie, pausing only briefly to refuel on coffee and tea.

Peggy Lauzon and Georgina Naccarato were both in attendance, stirring up the dance floor as they like to do when the blues start jumping at open mic. New friends came to check out the jam, like Steve from the Rocking Vinyl Record shop up on Wellington, and Johnnie from the Sault Blues Review was in snapping some pics. It was a lovely day at the Festival.

 Coming up in the next few days: Drumming and Unlearning workshop that Candace Day Neveau is offering tomorrow at the cafe 6pm,   Telephone and Address/ the Therapy/ Mescaline Ditch playing a laundromat show on Friday at 8, and don't forget that you can still buy passes for 25$ which get you admission or reduced admission to over 3 dozen events happening between now and March 20. Keep it Fishy!

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