Tuesday 3 May 2016

Walking and waking...

What a weekend!

Big thanks to the Jane's Walk team: Tori, Michael, Nicole, and to all the walkers who came out to stroll through town and look around, soak up some history and share some memories.

It was quite an experience to lead a few dozen people on my usually more solitary lane-walks, and taking in Michael Burtch's observations on historical Queen Street buildings was also an amazing outing.

After brunch on Saturday, we whipped up some fresh ravioli and other goodies for a private dinner party of 15. Then there was a roast to cook for mother's day brunch, and some picnic treats for the Jane's Walk wrap up event. Everything was yummy, everyone was lovely, and the café bees were very busy.

So what's up this week?

Tonight, a spoken word climate change presentation is being put on by Nordik, Algoma U, RAIN, UIYFC, and Soo York City.  6-8 pm


Tomorrow at six, Rihkee Strapp is hosting the weekly Gore Street open mic night. Come check out the diverse artistic community and see what's cooking.


Matt Peters and I first met back in Winnipeg. At that point he was in the Waking Eyes, and I soaked up every show and demo I could. The musical heavyweight and his current crew Royal Canoe are playing Lops this Wednesday. And it's a FREE SHOW!!


Then me and Mikey get to play Lops, as Sammy D and DJ Miley in Manitobanality, part of the Soo Jersey crew opening up for West coast rhymers KIDS on Thursday night!


If you miss that show and peolke tell you DJ Miley is the greatest ever, come see us on Sunday, opening up for epic Winnipeg indie rockers Basic Nature at the Gore Street Café


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