Friday 13 May 2016

Roger Roger @ Gore Street Café May 30th

There's going to be a lot of Winnipeg bands playing at Gore Street Café this spring and summer. It makes this particular prairie boy feel proud. I'd like to thank Nicole, Jackson, and everyone at First Date for working hard to make so many awesome shows possible... Thanks to Bucky Dreidger for rocking the dance floor to bits with Royal Canoe at Lop Lops this Wednesday, thanks to Pevans, Miley, JPkaYo, seef, kids, Soo York, and the whole $unny vibe for putting it on last night, rip Prince and TGIF...
Here's a talk with Lucas and Madeline Roger, twin Winnipeg musicians who will be coming through on Monday, May 30, performing as Roger Roger at Gore Street Café, in our theatrical laundromat.

Sammy: is this your first time playing in the Soo?

Roger Roger> It sure is.

S: is this your first time playing in a laundromat?

RR> Yes! We've played on trains, buses, in art galleries, libraries, living rooms,
a ski lodge, farmers markets, and a pottery studio, but NEVER in a laundromat. We'll be sure to bring some dirty socks. 

> > > > S: laundry,'s like a one-stop oasis for the touring band. How have your travels been? what do you listen to on the road?

RR> Lately we've been listening to a lot of Alabama Shakes' new album Sound & Colour, and we bring a healthy stack of CDs in the car like the 90s kids that we are. Streaming CKUA is always an option too.
> S: I can get behind a well-curated CD booklet. I'm so nineties. what do you like to eat on the road?

RR>Depends who you ask.
Madeleine is quasi vegan and Lucas is an opportunivore - being that he'll eat whatever is in front of him - so the grocery store is our friend for veggies, hummus, sandwich fixings and the like. In terms of eating out, anything that comes in a wrap, bowl, or a pile is usually a pretty good bet for both of us. We've also been known to eat chips for breakfast. It happens.

S: Chips for breakfast. Sounds like a party:-) You two are siblings! Have you always played music together? How long has this project been in existence?

RR> We've been singing together since we were kids, and we've been collaborating together as Roger Roger for about two years now. Our debut album "Fairweather" came out in the middle of this January, which we had been working on for half a year prior to the release.

S: So you're on the road now in support of Fairweather. How far are you travelling on this tour?

RR> We'll be going as far as Montreal, then we're heading back to Manitoba for our cousin's wedding! We'll be (travelling) with Logan McKillop for this tour, who is a wonderful singer-songwriter and also an excellent guitarist. We'll be joining each other quite a bit - I expect that some three-part harmonies will be inevitable. 

> > > S: That sounds lovely! Good fun, so what's been the best show so far?

RR> Our album launch in January was a pretty special show - it's amazing seeing all of the corners of your life in one room, as well as all of the local fans. There are overwhelming feelings of support and love getting thrown around on nights like that, and the excitement of finally releasing the album that we had worked so hard at is hard to beat. We laughed afterwards that we probably could have played some blades of grass and kazoos for an hour and it still would have felt like a great show.'s hard to rate the "best" show because they're all so different, and we've had all kinds of amazing shows.

>>> Roger Roger performs with opening act Logan McKillop on Monday, May 30 at the Gore Street Café. Show is all ages, pay what you want. Doors at 7, music at 8

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