Friday 4 September 2015

The Backhomes play Gore Street Cafe Sept 14

Kees Dekker of the Backhomes 
talks to the Tinderblog:

Tell me about your tour: 
Where have you come from and how far have you yet to travel?

This current tour takes us from Victoria where we live, 
across Canada as far as Montreal and back. 
Staying in Canada, means you have to zig zag strategically 
to make sure you don't hit the same place twice 
(which is tricky in a few spots due to geography).

How long has this band been active?

The band has been active since 2010. 
We put some songs together and played a show 
in Montreal ... and then moved west, 
where we really cultivated our sound and direction.

What kinds of bands do you play with?

We play with all kinds of bands, 
from garage rock to electronic music, 
but we tend to make connections with people playing 
"cosmic or cosmically inspired music".
photo: @fisheyefoto

What are major influences on the sound of your group?

I would say that depth and texture in music is big to us, 
more so than technique and musical dexterity. 
Repetition and fuzz are your friend! The music of Rick White (Elevator/Eric's Trip), 
JJ Cale, Primal Scream, Pete Kember, 
Flying Saucer Attack resonate with us greatly.

Thoughts on car culture: what's the parks-to-parking lot ratio like across the country?

Well on the highway and coming into towns its all box stores and lots, 
as that's where the cities are expanding most, 
but once you get into the heart of the city 
you can usually find some refuge in green spaces. 
It is important after day long drives and crummy service stations...

Do you thrive on diner food or find it hard to eat well on the road?

We can't really do diner food, cause you are what you eat. 
We try to stop at grocery stores and not fast food.
 If we have time we will try to find a good sit down meal. 
It can be a challenge in smaller places and where the highway tends to take you, 
but we'll try to plan for those stretches.

Do audiences dig your grooves more in certain parts of the country?

This tends to surprise us. 
At first we might have thought that the bigger cities would be our bread and butter, 
but being a little different than the typical fare that hits smaller places 
can help in getting into peoples ear holes. 
That being said, we have played more in western cities, 
so people probably know our name a bit more there.

What are your favourite music scenes to connect with across the country?

Anywhere where people get into what we are doing is great.
 We have had some amazing times in Edmonton and Saskatoon 
and have made really good friend bands there. 
photo: f@fisheyefoto

What challenges does your group face with media exposure:
getting your music to sympathetic ears?

I think we face the same challenges most small DIY groups experience, 
especially living in a smaller city. 
We mainly self release our records, 
so it's all about getting on the road and getting in front of crowds of people. 
Good things come when you are active and open, 
and enjoying yourself as much as possible.

Is college radio still alive in this country?

Most definitely! 
We rely on Campus/Community stations a lot, 
as they play the music and get it into the right volunteer DJ's hands.
 We have made a lot of good friends 
and gotten a lot of help and opportunities from many Campus stations. 
Victoria's CFUV is a backbone of the music community here. 

Are musicians, fans, and the industry still adjusting to 
the impact of online media on the music business?

Sure, but it's time to get on with it. 
Just pay for music, 
so musicians can continue to make records, 
so you can buy them.
 Buy music directly from musicians as much as possible. 
It's easy and you don't have to get into some silly internal dialogue 
about how downloading music for free is not hurting anyone, 
especially when you can preview entire records online before you buy. 
Grow up.

What's the music scene(s) like in Victoria?

Well the music scene where we live is small and eclectic 
like most smaller cities, 
but not very competitive which is nice. 
The scene that I grew up with in Moncton N.B. 
was really creative and inspiring while I was there 
and gave me the confidence to make my own art and not be too afraid of judgement.

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