Saturday 12 September 2015

Snake River this Saturday live in the Sunshine Laundromat

Tell me about your tour: Where have you come from and hoe far have you yet to travel?

We are in Montreal tonight
This is as Far East we'll get to. We're heading back west beginning tomorrow

How long has the band been going?

The group has been together for two and a half years. It started as a solo project for me a little before that. The guys came in originally to learn some of the songs I'd recorded, but it has since morphed into a full band. The new record is the first to feature all band members. 

. What kinds of bands do you play with

We're playing with a lot of our favourite bands on this tour at various locales. Bands like radiation flowers, rah rah, basic nature, living hour, the backhomes.  We're lucky that there is such a rich musical culture in Canada and that it's easy to connect with likeminded musicians. 

What are some Influences on the sound of your group?

There are a lot. 13th floor elevators. Robyn Hitchcock. Xtc. Scott walker. Syd Barrett. Television. But those are just mine. Everyone else in the band has their own things that they're into as well. Our tastes are all very disparate. 

Do you thrive on diner food or find it hard to eat well on the road?

It's extremely hard to eat right on the road. Can usually manage for a day or two then things get askew. But maybe life at home is the same. Who can say. 

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