Saturday 19 January 2019

a Sun Sun rising

Heart Lake Road runs through Brampton/Caledon,
almost halfway to Orangeville.
By tonight it will be a foot deep with snow,
far cry from the slush and soot of
downtown's westside social scene in the Big City.
Yet, here in this rolling paradise of foggy fields,
one of Toronto's most brilliant and exciting creative personalities
has taken root in the fertile soil tilled by the 88 Days of Fortune collective
currently known as Fortune Bookings and Heart Lake Records (who release the music of Yasmine, Witch Prophet and Above Top Secret),
Francesca "Sun Sun" Nocera; composer, creator, designer, performer.
Tonight, Jan. 19th (730 doors 8pm show),
as part of the Emergents II series,
at the Music Gallery's new 918 Bathurst performance space,
followed by April (of Hooded Fang and Phedre) Aliermo's equally anticipated Artemis of Colour 
(itself a multimedia set featuring "audio-responsive visuals
by Sahar Homami, performed "live" by Kat Estacio.);
Sun Sun presents a new and immersive piece for electronics,
projected visuals, and echoing voice,
offering a deeper gaze into the sound of the producer behind the music of Above Top Secret and Abstract Random,
into the visions of bold, dancing lines and colours that shimmer through and swirl about the video clips and live stage shows
that Sun Sun has contributed to over the years,
to the handmade clothing Nocera produces as sunsuncreative,
the Cosmic Cards divination deck she's designed, the countless beats and drawings, sessions and collaborations.
Echoes of the Queen West scene of the 80s, in which, punk, dub, and pop acts lived side by side,
Words spoken on the stage and the page,
of intersectional unity and community,
of musicians who could not or would not separate practice from politics, performance from art.
Echoes of womxn's voices, looping.

All this to say fuck the snow, if you're not going to a bday party or playing a gig yourself tonight, do yourself a favour and get tickets
(online at
a classy date night move and a steal at 12$ 

Culture, like brunch, birthdays, and other weekend get-togethers, persists despite the weather.
There is too much at stake, and too much happening these days, a fresh, healthy wave of talent rolls across the city, from Scarborough, Vaughan, and Eglington,
all the way down to the shores of Leslieville, Porter, and Parkdale.
A new generation of musical heavyweights, working to make the Toronto scene ever more representative 
of the strengths and beauties, the diversity and dignity
of the people of the city we live in.

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