Friday 18 March 2016

Days of Pisces, part six

The festival cruises into its final weekend and I begin to assess the laundry situation.

St Patrick's day was a lovely time last night. The Hunt sisters brought Barry's tea and musical friends. Ellen and Georgina sang like angels. Trevor Tchir played mandolin.

Frank Belleau's basket weaving workshop was also packed, and we're confident he'll be putting on another one soon.

Teddy hosted a great session of improv ggames on Wednesday night, and a half dozen brave souls came out to get silly despite the rain.

Tonight at Winnie B's, Patricia's holding a little reception. Vintage styles, ambrosia and rice puddings! 

Glo Burns came round today to work out some details on a follow up showing of the 48 hour Film Challenge selections. Stay tuned for details...

The Tynes Bakery dessert club has been postponed, but will be rescheduled for the weeks following the festival.

Here's a link to the amazing video created for the festival by Byron and E. War:


Oh boy, it's been an exciting month, and there is so much gratitude I can only try to express to all those who have participated in and put on all these wonderful festival events. Change starts with cooperation, and the power to build community is in the hands of the people.

This weekend also features the maple syrup festival at Mill Market, Twilight snowshoeing and Glenview campfire with Don McGorman,  and Michelle Loubert's 'T- shirt revival' workshop. 

Oh, ps: Joonas, Theon, Kody and Sonny Vibe$ rocked the cypher jams last Tuesday. Keep sending local freestylers downtown to the all-ages open mic! 

peace xo

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