Tuesday 19 January 2016

Night Market and black bean burger

Every month or so we hold a Night Market at the café selling fresh, local, pay-what-you-want produce. Tonight is the first Night Market of 2016 and will be happening at Gore Street Café from 6-9 pm. Thanks to Collholm farms and Lambert Homestead for the lovely squash, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, onions, pumpkins, and beets that will all be available at whatever price YOU see fit:-)

This weekend also sees the opening of a student art show at 180 Projects (just up the street at 180 Gore). 

The show is called Out There, and features work by Algoma Fine Arts students in a variety of styles ranging from paint, print and drawing to mixed media. Opening reception is Saturday Jan 23 from 6-8.

Last weekend the Really Really Free Market took place at 180 Projects, and the next one is set to take place March 12th during the fishbowl festival. 

However, one of the artworks hung in anticipation of the show has gone missing during last weekend's event.

Please spread the word re: this missing artwork and share the pic below. 

Please contact the gallery at oneeightyprojects@gmail.com with any info re: this missing piece of art.

Today's menu is 

black bean burger served with kale and apple salad

Butternut squash soup

and rhubarb/apple pecan muffins

Vegan black bean burger patties: 

(makes 4-6 patties)

One medium onion,

Three cloves garlic

Olive oil 4-6 tablespoons

Three cups cooked black beans

Salt and Pepper

Vegan burger patties are simple, tasty, and fun!

Egg and bread aren't what keeps this burger together. Play with the recipe till you get comfortable and the balance of onions, oil and beans creates a consistency that holds its shape. Sautee your vegan burger Patty on medium heat to brown both sides, and build your burger as you please. (Mine had eggs and cheese on it. Like, the opposite of vegan)

Soak beans overnight and cook at a medium boil for 30-45 mins or until softened. Mix in food processor with onion, garlic, and olive oil, s and p to taste. 

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