Wednesday 16 December 2015

a kitchen conversation > with Paul Yendell

(these notes were hastily made after a brief chat with Paul Yendell
during Tuesday's Open Mic night at the Gore Street Cafe.
They do not reflect the views of this blogger, the Cafe
and may not even accurately document Mr Yendell's statements or beliefs:-)

downbeat (detail)

Sam Decter:
How would you describe the Soo?


Paul Yendell:
 A pretty ugly town.

 That's a Dylan Thomas quote?

Ambition is critical 
could also apply in this case,
 but pretty ugly town will do.

 The AGA?

 A pretty little gem

 Tell me about the steel plant.

 Without the plant there would be no Soo...
it would change the city drastically....
You would have to replace it.
It would be a scary couple of years. 
Lots of change...

 Tell me about the downtown bars, Lop Lops, Coch's, Top Hat...

 You mean the Queen Street crawl? 
Don't forget about the New A! 
The New A is lovely, getting better and better. 
Why go to the Rock Star when you can go there?

and a fifty

Your soiree at Lops is tomorrow?

 Jelly babies and Malteasers, check!

 I think we have a dinner party going on that night...
maybe we can do an interview 
and I could publish a little promo piece for you.
Did you see the Pixo Control's album release show?

 I was impressed by the screaming.

Mikus inspires me as well.

 I saw him in there at the show. 
I was like: 
You don't care who's in here....
And it takes skill. 
It's harder to do than singing pretty all the time....
 Coch's isn't going anywhere.
 He's gonna spend the rest of his life in that building.

beers #3

 180 Projects?

> just getting started
 And it's the anchor of things down here 
(on Gore Street)

 Chris Shoust?

 Dangerously wait;
Dangerously creative.
 He's a fun guy to watch.
 I don't get to see him play often enough.

 The Machine Shop?

Gonna be a great venue. As long as they get security in the bar.

 Paper Mill and the Locks?

 Just getting started...
 the building that's just standing there, 
its just bricks and steel. 
3/4 of the land on the site is unused. 
It's now a matter of, how far can they push it? 
Fuck major cities.

How great could this place be?

les demoiselles of distortion

 What would you say to an international student 
coming here to study at Algoma or Sault College...
never having seen winter before
just taking in this unseasonable warmth?

 Go get a toque and mittens. 
They are worth their weight in gold. 
Take a cab sometime, get into town. 
Come downtown and yell at the Americans! 
Go ahead, they can't hear you.

So the guy from Treble Charger 
is bringing a studio into the machine shop?

 Ya, he'll bring amazing production skills, 
management skills...

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