Wednesday 6 February 2013


Who is Family Cheap?

Family Cheap is a Hip Hop/Funk band.

Lucas (bass)
Biggie (drum)
Victor (Keyboard) 
Hugo (Guitar) 

And one MC,
Max Nabis

   When did you first start playing ?

Since 2009. A few changes have happened. People came and left,
but for most of us, we play together since 2009.

Where do you live?

France. Valence « Valence Angeles »
and cities around (there) like Grenoble, Lyon...

Where do you play shows ?

Most of the time, we play in our hometown Valence, but we're always ready to travel.
We'd love to play abroad.

If you had a jet, would you fly here to play a show ?

Canada ?

Yeah come play Montreal and little Quebecois College towns. Let me know, maybe I could help set it up. What other bands do you like to play shows with ?

We love playing with funk or jazz musicians. We also like to play with Dj's and rap artists.
We want to give a big shout out to La Marabunta and Terra Nostra.

How do audiences react to your music ?

Most of the time, they enjoy our music.
They like to hear rap music played by real musicians.

What's the best show you've ever played ?

Maybe in Montpellier when the audience was really awesome.
In Valence, we shared the stage with rap artist Orelsan. That was crazy.

 What's the worst show you've ever played ?

When we first started to get gigs.
Sometimes it was like a rehearsal because nobody was there to watch us play.

Payin’ them dues. Is it easy for you to make money from playing your music ?

No, that's not really easy but that's alright
as long as we can raise enough funds for new projects

 Have drugs played a part in your artistic development ?

Music, itself, is a drug. We need it, we're addicted to it.

Would you say that music has changed your life ?

I think not. Simply because we've all started really young.
I mean, it's like we've always been doin' it.

How much do you love your boombox?

Best tool to spread our songs everywhere.

That’s right.

When we shot the video clip, the boombox was playing loud in the streets of Montpellier.

Yessir !

Our Cd is called « Radio Raheem »

 People call me that sometimes, too.

We made up this concept, of a radio transmitting good vibes to people.
This boombox is a really good way to do it.

How do you start the writing process to create a new song ?

Sometimes inspiration comes when we play together.
Sometimes I write on the train or whenever I got time to think.

What do you guys rock on the ear buds ? What's on your i pod ?

Lucas : Disiz « Extra Lucide »

Biggie : A lotta Reggae music

Victor : Baptiste Trotignon « Gone »

Max Nabis: I ain't got no I pod but I'd put sum Otis Redding in it. Fah Sure.

Hugo: Nujabes « counting stars »

A diverse bunch of guys.
Do the members of this band have other musical projects or artistic pursuits?

Hugo, our guitar player got another band called Arthur & the rabbits groove band.
Biggie, our drummer, he’s in two other bands : Akam and Square Roots.

How much alcohol does the entire band consume every week ?

We all have to let this one to our drummer Biggie.

What kind of coffee do you drink?

We drink TEA !

Forget about narcotics for a minute here. In this new age of mediated omniculture, what’s on the radio waves and tv channels can be just as damaging as drugs.
Do you guys agree ? What do think is the most dangerous form of music ?

When it's not coming from your heart or your soul.

Solid. What are your plans for 2013 ?

Play mo' and mo' and get as far as we can. Maybe we'll try to record new tracks.


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